TTR125 Made in Brazil?

Was surfing around and found that it appears that the TTR125 will now be made in Brazil. :thumbsup:

On Yamaha Brazil there is an article in Portugese that describes the building of the TTR125 in all versions for export around the world.

The head of Yamaha USA was there at the anouncement. You can translate the info by Bablefish but its still hard to read. The article is on the right hand side and has TTR125 in header of article.

First it was RM85's from Taiwan, then Honda CRF150's from Brazil now the TTR125...... :devil:

As far as I know they have made TTR225's in Brazil for quite a while now. I guess it is not that surprising they would expand. I am happy to have a pre Brazil model

Yeah the 225 has been made there for a number of years,actualy the ttr 225in brazil is the streetlegal version of our xt.

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