Lowering an '01 WR426?

Folks, I'm green to the forum and loving my first real bike vice a Z50 and a 69 Honda SS125 from 20 years or so ago. (Still got them though!)Anyway, I'm lovin life with this beast but I'm 5'7 with a 30" inseam and when I stall her (laughs are frequent, a KX'er buddy of mine cracked up and dropped his ride just watching me! Ha, I feel like a 2 year old on a 10-speed!) I'm havin to pop the stand down. I'm tryin like hell to break in the suspension a bit. As it is, on a flat surface and stopped, I've got 3/4's of a leg over the seat and can't kick her without the damn stand. Should I start with an IMS tank and YZ seat to narrow the ergo's or tweak the pre-load nut on the rear shock? Havin a blast though! I'd appreciate any advice.

I too have a 30 inch inseam so I raised the forks till they hit the underside of the bars, then I took all of the pre-load out of the rear shock. It probably isn't right but it works for me. I can touch the ground now. I am not a racer so it seems to handle fine but I never rode it in the stock position so I don't know the difference.


I have the same inseam and think the bike is fine the way it is. It did take me a while to get used to it, but now it' not a problem. I never try and put both feet down, all I do is put my left foot (toes)down to keep balence and kick it. It took a while to get this down. Avoid lowering your suspension, thats what this bike is all about.,

Dan, I'm 6'1" with a 34" inseam and I find that the easiest way to kick the bike over is on the kickstand. I can do it standing on the ground but I get a better kick if I'm standing on the peg.

The tank/seat combo will help you get farther forward on the seat for turning but I don't think it will be any lower for starting.

If your stalling frequently you might want to raise your base idle or possibly rejet to prevent stalling. If your stalling because of riding style, I.E. brake sliding into turns, just use the clutch before you lock up the rear brake.

One of my buddies can actually stall, stand, kick, and restart on the fly. I think he does it because he knows it cracks me up when I'm following him.

Good luck!

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