Thunder Alley it is!!!!!

After reading all the praise in TT heaped on this pipe i cant help but get one, will order first thing in the AM. Wish me luck?! Will post how it does on my 426. Gonna spank you ZERO! :awww::devil::thumbsup:

i am planning on gettin the full TA pipe for my bike, ceramic coated and all but i want to wait until after i do the big bore on my 426. im anxious to hear how it performs.

is a quiet core optional? anyone exp with?

The quiet core is optional...a friend of mine has a full system on his CR 450 and it freakin rips!! The midrange is something to be experienced!!

I spoke with the owner yesterday about getting one for my new 450SX.

Bob, (the owner), explained how his design scavenges exhaust gasses, and how he specifically tests, retests, and tests again, a pipe design for EVERY bike.

He said he actually does not recommend a full system for a Yamaha or Honda, but for the KTM, he'd recommend a full setup.

He stated teh only reason all the big guys don't have a design like this is because you can't really mass-produce them, they are exact fits, with specific profiles for each make of bike.

Price at 350 for FULL SYSTEM (HOW COOL IS THAT, 350 for a full setup, HANDMADE one at a time!!) Most silencers alone are almost 350 bucks!

The ceramic coating adds $70.

He said he makes them out of mild steel. NOT stainless, NOT titanium. He also actually said Titanium is one of the worst things to make an exhaust out of, and that the properties of ti and stainless steel to not lend themselves well to the way a 4-stroke works. He said the type of steel he uses, for some odd reason, works best with a 4-stroke motor.

He also said, I believe, that a spark arrestor can be installed no charge, whereas a quiet core type of part would be optional, and an additional charge.

This guy seems to be on his game - and I'll be ordering a full system for my new bike, ceramic coated, ASAP!!

Good luck. Took me well OVER a month for my pipe, after REPEATED attempts with no return phone calls. I had to email him 3 times and threated legal action before I got a reply. He comes off sounding like a nice guy (did that with me too), but as far as people skills and running a business, something definitely lacking. Apparently my pipe was "lost" at the ceramic coater's for a good 2 weeks. Be careful. Good luck.

his pipes totally RIP! quality worksmanship and excellent fit. no doubt about it.

that being said, i called him about getting a quiet core for my pipe and he told me just to send him $15 for shipping and he'd ship it out ASAP. i sent him $15 CASH (i know, my mistake) and i never got the quiet core. Doesn't matter now since i sold the pipe. and I will also say that I did not try to contact him about it because i went ahead and sold the pipe so for all I know, he never got the money. or maybe he pocketed it. :thumbsup:


i got a ta used and it is incredible. nice note specially when wacking the throttle on and off and nice power. don;t have the header just the slip on.

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