Do 426's have a bad rep?

I've been trying to sell my 02 426 since late May and I have only had a couple of bites. Does the 426 have a really bad rep? I liked the bike alot but after I hurt my right knee this spring I decided to get something lighter, with a little less power that would be easier to kick.

It kills me to have to give the bike away for next to nothing. The bike was a blast to ride, it just required a lot of leg to kick. I'm starting to think I should just keep it and set it up as a trail bike and use my 250f for motocross only. Would the cam mod make it as easy to kick as my 250f.

Any thoughts? :thumbsup:


Its not so much that they had a bad rep...its that the used 450s are coming down in price so much that the 426 arent looking as tempting anymore. Just out of curiosity, how much are you tring to sell yours for??

People ar afraid of the power and the hit. Well I guess it's just that you can get a new/used 450 for so cheap. Personaly I wouldent by the 450. Unless it was used just to play on and trails. I love my fifth and the low end hit.

People ar afraid of the power and the hit.

Yeah, thats it!! :awww::devil::lol::thumbsup:

jeffro asked how much are you asking

I am asking how good of condition is the bike

Location (Where you are) is a key as well.

In North Bay Area of Calif a cherry 2002 per Kelly Blue book is $4095, Trade in value is $2815 if your lucky

a 2003 450 $4985

I have heard dealers dumping left over 04 450's for about 5k

you are pretty much stuck. Wait till Fall when the demand comes back. Cherry the bike (Spit Shine) I would bet you could get $3900 easy anything more :thumbsup:

I think when I sell my bike I will sell it in CA. Here in PA the 02 sell for around $3000

Or you could come down to NZ and sell it, 02's go for around $5700US, the 450's are mostly still above $6300US, hell I could get $4000 for my 400 if I tried hard enough :thumbsup:

As to your problem though I think it all depends on the time of year that your selling it. Mid season? People arn't going to want to change bikes, they'd rather get use out of their bike before winter arrives, sell it during winter time when its due for maintenance and then go shopping.

I posted a `00 RM125 for a friend on ebay 2 weeks ago. It was basically posted just as a test to see what he could get for it. The reserve was too high and he knew it...but again he just wanted to see what the going price was. You might want to consider ebay along with your local advertising.

I sold my 01 426, and bought a new 04 450f. the 426 was dependable, powerfull, but was just too darn heavy.

The 450f is lighter and is very nimble. I immidiatly jumped higher, and rode faster, first day riding. The suspension is so smooth, you would swear it was a factory bike. I think riders relize this more and more, and don't want to settle with se :excuseme:cond best. Just my 2 cents

I could only get 3k out of my 01 426, in California

The bike is in very good shape. I put a new chain and sprockets on it. Everything else is pretty much stock except for the Yoshimura exhaust. I am asking $2950. It seams like a steal to me, but it's just not getting anyones interest.

I've place ads on web sites and at several local dealers. :thumbsup:

I think that's a fair deal, depending on the visual condition, have you posted pics? I purchased a 2000 model this spring that was in good shape (I wouldn't call it showroom, but far from beat) for $2300. One thing that might be hurting is that there weren't too many drastic changes to the 426 between 2000 and 2003. For a guy like me, there is not a good reason to upgrade, and for a guy shopping, he can buy the 2000 model for $800 less and get pretty much the same machine.

If I were you, I would put an auto clutch in it and keep it as backup. With the auto clutch you will never stall! I start my bike at the truck and don't kick it again until I get back. :thumbsup:

Just my thoughts!


That was a steel!!! Good job

I hadn't thought about an auto clutch.

Auto clutch - 450 cam, might be a possibility. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the idea.

If you put a 450 cam in it you will think you have a new bike. So much easier to start AND to ride. Makes the bike feel lighter because your not tired from having to start the thing! LOL (I know they are not that hard to start anyway but the cam makes it a no brainer).

I would keep it unless you need the money. Take it to the track with you and advertise it here and there and you will get what you want. Just don't be in a hurry. I have offers for mine all the time ...of course it is loaded! I hope there are some offers when I get ready for an 06! Of course I don't think I can stand to sell "my baby" LOL :thumbsup:


One other thing, open up a account and you can post the photos in the ad, it seems to attract attention that way.


I just bought a 01 426 for 2600 plus helment 450 cam mod and kick stand ass ,got about 3000 in it now ,I looked at this bike for a year and wouldn,t touch it because I couldnt start it ,with the cam in it it cranks 1 or 2 kicks standing beside it not jumping on it with tennis shoes and had so much fun I couldnt not buy it ,do the cam and keep it, night and day difference

I think riders relize this more and more, and don't want to settle with se :excuseme:cond best. Just my 2 cents

Second best to what? It all depends on what we are looking to get out of the bike. To me the YZ450 is second best.

Let me clarify my reply.

In my opinion the 426 is not second best to an 04 450, it's not in the same league, for MX anyway. I know, I owned one for 2 years, and I ride MX.

The 04 450 feels lighter, and the suspension is 100% better. Bump starting the 426 is almost imposible on a track. I also hated looking down for the hot start button after a stall. The auto decompression 450f bump starts easier that a 2 stroke 250. The 426 felt like a tank, and dug into the burms like a shovel, top and front heavy. the 450 feels light as a feather. I am a small guy, so weighs matters!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I upset you, but ask anyone who made the switch :devil:.


I think riders relize this more and more, and don't want to settle with se :excuseme:cond best. Just my 2 cents

Second best to what? It all depends on what we are looking to get out of the bike. To me the YZ450 is second best.

I second that the 450 is second in my book.

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