new TM40 carb for XR600

Some of you may recall my recent whining over my sticky slide in the stock carb. It made for tough off-idle throttle control, and that's putting it mildly. Apparently, from responses here and other lists, it is a common problem w/ the old Keihin.

So I bit the bullet and bought a new Mikuni TM40 and put it in the night before last. It came w/ an adapter on the airbox side so that it fit between the airbox/intake boots just like the stock carb, and I had to plumb a new gas line to it, but that was it. Starts 1st/2nd kick and throttle is nice and smooth. I think it may be a little rich on the pilot but I'm going to ride it more before I tinker. They sent a little pack of pilots and mains just in case.

The big news is that there was some untapped power in the upper rpms that is now.. uh.. tapped. I used to short shift since it ran out of steam kind of early, but now. :thumbsup: It was a real rush the first time I wound it out in 3rd on the trail!!

I bought it from XRsOnly, who pre-jetted the carb best guess based on my elevation and intake/exhaust setup. Far as I can tell they came real close. The only issue is that it was supposed to come w/ a Gunnar Gasser throttle, but instead it came w/ a Motion Pro that doesn't fit right w/ the cable they sent. I can't adjust enough slack out of it I called to talk about it and the guy was nice over the phone and promised to air freight me the right throttle. In the mean time I can ride it, but there is some slop in the throttle.. But as long as I get the throttle in a somewhat timely manner, I'll be a happy camper and not hold it against them. I'm so far very satisfied w/ the carb though.

Anyway, just wanted to share the info.


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