Ca Dmv

Has anyone been able to get a plate for their WR through Ca Dmv. Just wondering,, The dealer I went to said its workin about 70% of the time,,,,,,,,,,,,

You can get a green sticker or street plate (if dual sport equipped) for US sold 98 or 99 WR 400s in CA with no problems. Only red stickers for 00 and 01 models. Bottom line is if you have a "3" or a "C" in the 8th digit of your VIN, you are hosed. 98 & 99 usually have a "W" as the 8th VIN digit.


I have an 01 wr426.

It has a 3 in the 8th position.

I have a green sticker.

I can't believe this no green sticker business.

Don't tell me they are going to take it away from me?

I bought my '00 DRZe (same problem) with a valid CA license. The guy I bought it from told me the trick is never allow the dealer to order the off-road sticker. If you get a red sticker, game-over! Either way, it is a gamble. I deliberatley bought mine pre-licensed because I didn't want to install a $500 Baja kit without a guarantee that I could use it.

My 94 husky and my 95 husaberg I dual registered no problem.

When did the wr's start getting red stickers?


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I have also heard that you can't let the dealer submit the registration. Some will really push you and say that they have to register the bike. That's bull, they tack a little extra onto the registration and don't want to give it up. MAKE SURE you get the "Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin" you will need it to license in most states.

If all else fails, I hear that Vermont allows you to register with no questions asked. That should clean the record and let you bring it in later to CA-DMV.


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Per a DMV supervisor, if you go for street only you are ok. Street bikes have C and 3 in the 8th position. Follow the directions for registration in the Baja kit. The problems arise when people go for dual registration on red sticker bikes.

Good luck.


I live in Ohio and have no ideas what the rules in calf. are

but thee way we do it here is getting a salvage title/self assembled title

but you must have proof of ownership

sorry if way out.

Thanks for the info, plate just came in.

I mean no offence by this guys. But I'm glad I live in Michigan. It sounds like you people go threw endless greif about everything in California. I thought I went threw hell in Michigan a few months back.I wanted to get my WR road titled. But nothing like this. Sorry! :)

Good luck to ya,


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