gas or no gas on the big jump?

Just got my first 4-stroke. '04 yz 450f. Is it best to hold on the gas on big tables and doubles, etc. I've heard this is the way to do it. Any comments would be appreciated.


At least stay steady on the gas at first, there is a lot of engine braking with a 4 stroke, respect it.

gas all the way! :thumbsup:

gas gas & more gas!

"Just Punch it"


I would definitely reccomend gassing all the way. Just be ready to grab the clutch and tap the back brake if the front ends comes up too much. I have tried both and I would much rathter drop my front end than try to raise it when she's in a nose dive!

Steady gas, I learned the hard way and rode it like a 2 smoke. One time I let off the gas as the back week was still on the lip of the jump, and did a front end landing "SCARRY!!!!". Learned this trick quick. Good luck.

thanks so much.Sdubya307

Gas it till you can roll it and scrub some speed, the more gas you give the more lip your gonna get and air it out a bit... the lip is important, if it is stiff and sharp stay on the throttle, if it rolls off the top you can roll the hit, keeping in mind you have to carry speed to roll a hit but isnt that the whole point, to carry speed into a hit and after a hit while minimizing the amount of time you are in the air and not on the throttle.... :thumbsup:

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