Gearing / Chain on a 97 XR600

I am installing a 13/48 combo on my 97 XR600. I may want to bump the back up some still (13/50 maybe) and didn't want to cut the chain to short. I have heard this can be depressing!

I guess my question is where should I start as far as the number of links is concerned? Keeping in mind I may want to bump the back up.

I was running 14/48 with a very stretched chain on what I thought was tight singletrack. I have been informed that it gets tighter and then they will throw in elevation changes. Just in case I wasn't having enough fun :thumbsup:

Thanks for your help.

I run a 13/48 combination on my 95 XR600R. Works fine in single track. Most of the time I am riding in second gear. I would start with a 13 and see how you like it before I would change the rear.

Thanks Curtis,

I don't think I will have to go bigger on the back but, if I felt the need to play around I didn't want to have to buy another chain. I did some more searching and found "XR's Only" says 110 links and "Throttlehead" says 112 links :thumbsup:. I am going for 113 and if I have to I will just pull some links off.

Thanks Scott

BTW here is the XR'r link

At Throttlehead you just build a bike profile.

I tried to search here from both the forums and the store and couldn't find anything (on # of links), must be me I am sure it is here someplace.

Scott,where did you get your 13 tooth,cause i want to chage mine too. Donn


I got mine from Aj's Performance here in town (Phoenix). AJ's is just across from the Deer Valley Airport on Deer Valley and like 7th ave. They had to order it from back east but it was worth the wait.

We hit the Boulders by Carefree & 99th ave Saturday. Lots of abrupt elevation changes very tight, twisty and off camber. The 13/48 with 110 links (pos 17 on the snail adjusters) was just what I needed. It is a little to low for jeep trails, fire roads or asphalt (like that old strip of the high way in front of the Wild Horse.

Good luck :thumbsup:

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