Man Just Cruised Over to YZ426 Side and Glad to be Back!

We argue over which bark busters suck and which don't. Those guys are fighting over censorship and god. Maybe, they don't have as much fun as we do. :D I don't know if there is a god or not. All I know is that I get very religous when I know I'm about to crash. You can censor this if you want to. But, once I post it, I can't! :) Is there such a thing as anti-self-censorship on TT? :D

They seem to be wound a little tighter over there.

Those MX guys are like hockey players, wound up super tight. Wait...I use to race mx. Screw you guys, we'll take it on the track!! :)

I thought I would go over there last night, too. I read, then got the hell out! I know there is a God, for if there wasn't, we wouldn't be riding Yamaha's.

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