Broken stock trip meter

Has anyone broken their stock trip meter? I went to reset it tonight and I pulled out the dial. I didn't use any more force than I usually do and I didn't hear anything break, I just pulled it out. I couldn't seem to get it set right again and I didn't find anything in the repair manual to help me out. I know I'd be better off with a TrailTech, I'm just a little strapped for cash.

Any advice would be great. Thanks :thumbsup:

You are luchy you did not lost it! There is a small screw inside the dial that gets loose....


PM me with your address and I will send you the one off of my WR 450.


My odometer was the unfortunate victim of the first crash on my bike. Just the cable is snapped where it enteres the hub. I can sell just the counter unit if someone wants it. That is assuming it seperates from the cable, I've never looked.

Looking to get a Trailtech anyway, anyone know if TT sells Trailtech's?

I don't know if TT sells one but thay are a great improvement. the going back to zero on my odm. without an hour of turning that dumb knob was worth the $75. plus it has alot of cool other stuff on it.

I would recommend the trail tech too. It is loaded with handy features (oil/maint. reminders, average speed, ride time etc.) and from what I have seen of mine, they are fairly durable and reliable.

I posted this many years ago, but if you used the knob from a TTR 250 it makes it much quicker to reset. It is about 3 times the diameter so it makes it easier to find & turn.


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