Helmut Suggestion: My head gets hot, and have to stop riding

My head gets really hot, I have to stop riding, not because my legs, or arms are tired, but because my head is overheating. My helmut does not provide good air flow.

So my head boils when I am riding in 80 degree weather.

Can someone suggect a helmut that can solve my issue. I would like to ride longer. HELP!!!

i just picked up a trials helmet from bell its open face but the sides wrap around to your chin. its light and airy ,great for non-competition summer riding and to top it off its on clearance sale at bells online store for 79.95!

cool, I'll take a look, thanx

I need more of a MX helmet, I saw some Fox helmets that have a lot of vents for coolong, I think that is what I need. the prices are high though. Still looking. :thumbsup:

Another thing that may help is make sure that you drink lots and lots of water the day before you ride. May help with some of your overheating body problems.

What helmet do u have now? I just got an ONeal Venem (200 bucks) havent tried it out yet tho maybe i you soaked your helmet liner in water or get quick release goggles (the ones that hang to the side then you pull them across to velcro on the otehr side) so that way when your just cruisin you can take em off and get some air flow

My helmet is a cheap KBC one I bought 5 years ago.

It has small vents on the front, but no air flows through the helmet. I was reading about helmets from FOX, and they claim this:

engineered for maximum airflow and to optimize heat reduction make our Pro Pilot one of the finest helmets in the world.

I bought the new THOR SXT. It is a great helmet and has max airflow.....to me. It comes in cool looking graphics and only cost $80.00. The blue matchs Yamahas pefectly.

Using an HJC (CR-X2 I think). Venting seems to work well while I'm moving. We've been riding in up to 105 deg weather. Guy's wife last weekend had a cheap Fly helmet without venting and she got way too hot.


Had a Reed replica and crashed too many times with it but it was a good helmet. I just replaced it with a Trooper and so far it's pretty sweet too.

Answer m-8 from 1999 works great!

I have had an Answer M-7 average. Now I have and Aria VX-pro and it is cool, as well as being one of the lightest helmets.

I have had an Answer M-7 average. Now I have and Aria VX-pro and it is cool, as well as being one of the lightest helmets.

I can rep. 125 pounds on my neck so weight is not a problem.

Happened again yesterday, we had 105 degree weather in Southern California. I was near being heat exausted. Thanks for the tip, I'll definately be looking for a new helmet now!

The HJC looks cool, has ajustable vents, and within my price range, thanx for the info!!

Ride Hard :thumbsup:

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