Any one run Dr.D WetSump eliminator kit?

I was looking in to this for my quad because of the Large rad I run it would make it alot easier to make it all Fit....Just want your Info On this...

-Paul :thumbsup:

heres a pic they sent me with INFO on the kit

Dr.D WetKit.jpg

[/img] :thumbsup:

I run the wet sump kit on my 250F. It was pretty easy to install. I like the clean look of the engine without all the oil lines and like the ad says, say goodbye to 3 pounds of weight. That may not be as much of a concern on a quad.

I think that if you keep up with oil changes, actually do them more often, there is really no down side. I change my oil ~2 hours.

I personally would not run that at all. You cant run an oil cooler with it. Plus I like having oil pumped to all the components.

I like having oil pumped to all the components.

The oil is pumped to all components exactly as it is in the stock dry sump system. Converting to a wet sump eliminates the return side of the oil system and alters the feed side to pick up oil from the crankcase rather than the oil tank. Otherwise, it works the same as stock.

That being said, my objections to wet sumps in general are: 1)a dry sump like the YZ's is less likely to experience an interruption of oil feed due to bouncing around or ending up on its side, or even while doing a prolonged wheelie. 2) Things can happen to cause the unexpected loss of a significant amount of oil before it is noticed. My son's 250F had a case cover gasket slip in just under the kick starter and lost 700cc of oil on a 30 minute ride. In a CRF wet sump, that's all there is.

I'll stay with a dry sump and eat the three pounds.

Oiltank it is...for me....real good info and points made on this post...

thanxs a lot guy with all your help on building my new / Old quad....

-Paul :thumbsup::devil:

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