Looking for a plastic fuel tank- DT200R

I was hoping that some of the Euro or Aussie T-Talkers could help me solve a problem for a friend of mine.He rides a '95 DT200R which he has made quite off-road capable with the addition of a Pro-circuit pipe and silencer, good tires,Excel wheeels,YZ forks,etc.This bike was not available in the U.S.A. and as a result there are very few aftermarket parts available for it. I know that the DT was sold elsewhere on the planet,not just in Canada.I also know that the aftermarket parts scene differs greatly from country to country,so I thought that maybe someone out there would have a line on a plastic tank for this bike.Either an aftermarket item,or some info on what would fit with minimal modifications.Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


In one of my local shop they have a plastic tank for the DT200WR laying around costing over $400 singapore dollars. If you really do want it I can check it out for you. :)

Mech,please find out about that tank and let me know price,colour and who makes it.


Will keep you informed about this.

A DT200R is different to a DT200WR so the tank may not fit but a DT200R is the same as a DT125R apart from the engine so maybe Acerbis do one for the 125 as it's a very popular bike here in Europe.

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