Persistant front brake squeak...

I have a rather persistant squeak in the front brake of my 99 WR but I can't figure out why. There is plenty of pad left, I can't see or feel any groves in the rotor from stones, and I can't see anything embedded in the pads when I take them off. I clean the pads, put them back on and they won't squeak for about 30 sec. and then it starts again. It will do it when I ride in mud or when it is perfectly dry and I have just washed the bike.

Any Ideas as to the cause and what can be done to fix it?


try putting some silicone gel(the non-hardening stuff like the kind that comes in the little packet with your car pads)between the backside of the pads and the heat spacer (if there is one) and between that and the caliper and also hit the piston side, don't get too sloppy as this stuff does attract dirt. now if its a glaze on the rotor doing it take some 150 emery cloth and sand the rotor lightly clockwise.until it looks like fresh metal. :thumbsup:

I'll try those two things. I doubt it is glazing because the rotor shines briliantly, and will put me over the bars if I clamp down on it too hard, but I don't suppose it will hurt to try. Thanks


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