Any news on a WR450 lowering link yet??


i know you dont want to hear this but.........

lowering ANY bike is a BAD idea. it fu-ks with how the bike is supposed to ride, handle, and fly. now you will say, you cant touch, and i say, nether can i. just stand up!! you shouldn't be dragging your legs in the bush. and if you are, you possibly should not be riding a wr450 :thumbsup:. even with 17" wheels i can only touch the ground on one side at a time.

Depends on how you do it. If you only lower the rear of the bike and not the front, you will mess up the geometry by slackening the head tube angle which will result in slower handling. Steepening the angle would make it steer quicker but less stable at higher speeds.

Anything you do to change the bikes geometry has both positive and negative effects. The geometry that the Bike manufacturers have settled on is what they consider the perfect compromise for the bikes intended use. So if you want to lower the bike properly and not screw up the handling you must lower the front forks the same amount as the rear of the bike. by lowering the bike properly you will actually make it handle better because you will have a lower center of gravity and you will corner faster. The downside is that you sacrifice ground clearance and loose suspension travel,so in my opinion it is not worth it to me to lower the bike. I know that on my WR 450 the distance between the top of the front tire and the bottom of the front fender is just a hair over 12 inches. This means that when the front suspension bottoms, the tire almost comes all the way up to touch the fender. There is no room for lowering the front fork without loosing travel, unless you go to a smaller size wheel and tire. Just my 2 shillings.

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