Headlight Suggestions?

In an attempt to WR my YZ, I'm in a pickle in deciding what headlight to buy. I've seen the stock WR lighting and I think it's just great. Are there any aftermarket headlight assemblies that do as good (or better) of a job than the stocker without getting into high powered systems? I see Acerbis has their 55 watt Cyclops headlight that is DOT approved, while it's somewhat odd looking I'm assuming it does a good job of lighting up the trail?

I figure there's no better people to ask than those guys running these lights. Can't wait to join the crowd! :devil:

On that note; anybody have a complete stock headlight assembly in decent shape they want to sell?

Thanks a lot...

Nick :thumbsup:

keep your eyes on ebay. the stock headlight has been the same for a few years.

I run an Acerbis Diamond light. Great looks and performance (as long as you arent idleing), but not DOT approved. But neither are my tyres, trailtech, exhaust blah blah blah

I have an Acerbis DHH headlight. It has two bulbs that are identical to the downlights in our kitchen. :awww: Yes, I briefly stole a bulb from the kitchen. :devil: She never even noticed though, so no harm done..... :thumbsup:

where can I find a headlight switch for my 04 WR450?

Hey does anybody know what you call them shakey headlights that I seen going down the road, looking like his junk was loose. It really grabs your attention. Good safety.

Blessings & Balance NC Preacher

Braap Braaap Braaaaaaap :lame::bonk:

I don't know if you can get em in the states, but 'HEBO' do a good light which is road legal over here. High/low Halogen bulb and throws a good enough beam to ride/see in tight woods with.

The stock headlight isn't that good. Are you doing some night riding?

Stay away from the incandescents and get a halogen setup. A 35watt halogen will be almost as good as a 100 watt incandescent.

I have a helmet light that I use. It works perfectly (www.helmetlight.com). This was a lot cheaper than buying a headlight assembly. I hardly every ride at night though.

I have the Acerbis light, it has a running light and normal light it suck, not adjustable, has straps that fit around the forks. The cyclops light look cool and is adjustable.

Not sure if mine's Acerbis or UFO, it came with the bike, I replaced both MR16 bulbs due to the reflective coating in the originals flaking of inside - one is a spot the other a flood - I get great coverage when riding:


I disagree on the stock head lamp not being good. I have used it for a couple of night rides here in MI and it worked fine. Of course, i may be slow :-)

Also, the stock lamp is a 55/60 watt dual filiment halogen bulb. The stock wiring is only wired for 55. A trip to the auto parts store will get you a new connector. There are many sources for the switch. I plan on using one from Sicass racing.

I have a BD headlight, good on the light output. Hate the look of it. Want to put a WR headlight on. From online parts diagrams, it looks like it has the same bulb. Is it the same output as my BD light? Has anyone upgraded the bulb to a more powerful unit? I have put a Sylvania "brighter white" bulb in. Will be upgrading the charging system later for twin 55w halogens, but if I can find a used one on ebay. Thanks.

I've been running the Acerbis Cyclops for a couple of years now. I like it and it has done okay in slow to moderate speed night riding.



very nice bike

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