Moriwaki XR650R Exhaust

Anyone tried it? The construction on it looks far supperior to any other exhaust I've seen. I was thinking about buying a WB E2, but I've heard way too many stories of E1's falling apart. According to the distributor, the moriwaki supposidly meets 96db.. any ideas on that? If no-one's tried it, I think I'm going to be the guiniepig. :thumbsup:

Edit: Spelled the name wrong, so I just found some posts on it, but does anyone know if it passes 96DB with the S/A in, and how it compares to the Pro-Circuit, for example? Thanks.

I'm sure qadsan will respond to this soon. If I had the money I would buy one tomorrow. It looks great.

On a side note for anyone who might buy this, Big Valley Honda (thier distributor) told me on the phone today that they were way overstocked on the exhaust, and would sell it for $400 (full exhaust, not slip-on). That sounds like a hell of a deal.

Man that is tempting but I have a baby on the way. If I sell my 400 I might go ahead and get one.

Ok I bit the bullet and purchased one. No tax because their in NV, so it was $411 to my door... not bad. I'm going to install it next weekend (WITH the spark arrestor) and get it sound checked, and I'll let everyone know the results. Thanks.

If ya look at the archives you will see that a couple guys got the Moriwaki.

For sure its a well made pipe. One question with the unit last year was the actual decibel level. Some reported it was well above the 96 limit...

For sure it will be great to get your feedback regarding the pipe. :thumbsup:

Here's some info about the Moriwaki that I posted a while ago. The build quality & fit is excellent. It has a removable spark arrestor, although it's 'not' certified and that could get you into trouble if a ranger wanted to push the issue because it's technically not legal even though it's fully functional. Moriwaki reports the sound level to be at 102dba, but I'm guessing that's with the spark arrestor removed because it's significantly quieter with the spark arrestor installed. I have not yet been sound tested with this pipe, so I can't accurately comment on numbers yet. The header pipe is 2" diameter as opposed to the 1 3/8" stock header and there will be a significant power loss off the bottom end with this system when compared to the stock system with the HRC tip, but the Moriwaki revs out a bit better. Careful tuning will help the bottom end out, but there's a lot of good to be said for the stock system, especially for general purpose fun, durability, etc. My Moriwaki was given to me as a gift and overall I'm happy with it. Here's some info I posted on this topic earlier.

Qadsan, would you have any opinion on the Moriwaki in comparison to the Pro Circuit and the Akrapovic? Especially in the upper-range of the RPM's? Thanks.

I've ridden a 650R with a PC pipe, but that bike was mostly stock uncorked where as mine has a cam, carb, etc, so there was no way for me to tell how much the PC pipe helped, but my bike ran significantly better than his and mine had the stock pipe with HRC tip at that time :thumbsup:

I've talked with a guy who used to work at Yosh and he had also a Moriwaki on his bike. He said the Akrapovic made a wee bit more power than the Mori, but he didn't have any specifics on how much more, or where in the curve more power was made, or if there was less power anyhwere else, etc. Unless the same exact bike is used to test these pipes during the same dyno time, comparing the results may be misleading. The PC pipe is also a quality piece, but the Moriwaki has the best eye candy factor in terms of workmanship IMHO.

I really, really like Barnums Exhuast :devil: but, it will be some time (He said, maybe the beginning of September) before he goes into production where I can get one :awww: the header splits around the cylinder and comes together under the carburetor. I forgot what size the header diamiter is (maybe he can tell us more) The muffler can has different (3) size attachments for different sound levels all come with there own screens. The muffler looks like the Moriwaki and uses a simular mounting bracket. My XR's only header that I have now, does not flow well enough for the new engine mods I am getting so the Moriwaki might have to be it. The XR's only was the best for the stock engine at keeping the most all around power (not the highest power gain but, boost in the mid~high with the least loss in the bottom) I figure with the extra torque of the 680 kit I can lose some bottom now and still have lots more then the my last setup :lol: I hope Barnum gets his exhuast on the market soon it is the best setup I have seen. The whole concept on the muffler is great. All the parts could be changed out so, if something broke in a crash it was fixable. The header lets the exhaust exspand from start to finish without any hang ups. Real nice flowing collecter. You can tell it was made by a race/rider not a mass market company. :thumbsup:

I TOTALLY agree about the Barnum pipe. I've done a couple races with it--it pulls awesome through the powerband. I mean smooth. Awesome smooth. I would like to try it with different cams--but with both the 650 and the 680 motor, its simply the best performing BRP pipe i've tried.

The workmanship is better than any of the others, and the can is in a league of its own. I've been talking to Rob about doing a custom pipe for my Dakar bike, as he is the only one who seems to really get what works on our bike.

The other nice thing about the Barnum pipe is that it ISNT an aluminum or Ti piece of crap. Its a mild steel pipe with a SS can. That means its gonna last!

The Yosh Oval, Big Gun have both rattled apart on me. The T-4 just doesnt allow the bike to run on top. The pipe guys just dont seem to get that for big fast desert bikes aluminum cans dont cut it. MX or SX - yeah. Desert-no. Even Team Honda runs a (custom w/ megaphone into can) all steel pipe.

Hey Rob--you out there? Can you make us some pipes already!!!!!?

And make a quiet core insert a la the E-2 with one screw for quick change from closed course to <96 d/s rides. Thats a cool set up. :thumbsup:

I hate the way that any of those large diameter aftermarket headers ruin the low end power. I wasted 500 bucks on an aftermarket system a couple of years ago, and I was less than impressed with the power delivery (even after re-jetting). Sure, it had a little more top end, but big deal, it ruined the low end snap that makes the bike so much fun.

The bike will still run 100mph with the stock headers so I don't see a problem with them. Other than they don't look very cool . haha.

There isn't any pipe out there that is better then the stock for the low end punch!!!!! :devil: Any other pipe out there and you will lose some low end. That is why I went with the XR's Only header to keep as much low end as I that I added some displacement I have room to lose some low end. It's not the speed that you gain but, how the bike pulls in the higher RPM's that there talking about. With a stock pipe the bike has that gut wrenching pull down low but, flattens out around 4~5K. When you open up the header and snap and hold the throttle the gut wrenching isn't all that but, about 3~4K and the bike really comes alive :awww:. You may be in forth hitting the whoops @ 50~60 and need it to straighten out...hit the fuel and you have what you need. The trick is to have both :thumbsup:

totally agree...i race with the stock pipe--at the wait for the start of the Vegas to Reno some dude on a done up BRP comes up and notes the Ohlins rear shock, edelbrock carb, etc and then asks me when i am gonna save up for an aftermarket pipe!!!

I race it without anything in the can. Bolt on the end cap for dual sporting. Its a very good set up. BUT now with the 680 kit going in-and some rally time coming up, it is time for a Barnums pipe!

BUT now with the 680 kit going in-

You too! Dang, are y'all getting Barnum 680 kits or what? Now I'm feeling left out. Hmmm... :thumbsup:

Maybe if he gets enough guys getting 680 kits he will get a bigger demand for the pipes and I can get one sooner. Is that a good reason for you to get a 680 kit? :thumbsup:

680 is da bomb.

I had the opportunity to race with Rob and Annie at the Baja 500 on Robs 680 Baja That thing was like a works bike. I really really daubt anyone else had a bike as nice. The power was like a dream. Nothing harsh and fatigueing, just endless on demand go. It was SO fun riding that bike! He had a couple pounds shaved off the flywheel, and that gave it a bit of a mxer feel--which i just wasnt used to...but other than that--the thing was just so much fun. He's got the oversize rotor, the dialed suspension, the motor of the gods all dialed in on that thing.

What has impressed me most is that he has a full season on the 680 kit without any issues. That was the issue for me.

So after suckin two valves at V2R the universe lined up and asked for a bore job, or else. Hello 11:1 680 ( it really does run ok on 91 octane --with a cam). This time i am going with a milder cam grind to get that 45-70 mph hit, hardened rockers, the HRC heavy duty cam chain, the same XR's Only hd crank, Carilo Rod and again the Kibblewhite head. Just need that darn pipe!

Can you say 15:45! :thumbsup:

I couldn't wait so,.....

I bought the Moriwaki exaust for the Oinlker. You talk about eye candy....WoW, this stuff is perfect!!! The welds are micro smooth and they even whent as far as making sure they ended the welds on the back side where you can't see it. No spatter....never have I seen such perfection! All sainless steal. The muffler can came with a quite tip spark arrester. The muffler is a little big....looks almost the size of a street can. It's all major big tubing....headers are 1 1/4" ID (stock is 1") colecter is 1 7/8" (stock is 1 9/16") pipe to muffler is 2" (stock is 1 9/16") so , I can see some lose on the bottokm end if I don't use the quite core. My XR's only header has 1 1/8" headers, 1 5/8" to the muffler. This is not a real light muffler like my R4 so, the Squeeler is putting some weight back on. Bottom line to the door was $411 from Big Valley Honda in Nevada (800)311-4284 Part Number 01810-L3177-20.

Do you use the tip in yours?

Do you know if it's below the 96 db?

Over all what is your take on with and without the tip on you bike?

I've ridden with and without the spark arrester tip and prefer to ride with the tip in mainly because it's more quiet and also because it's spark arrested. I also have a little more bottom end with it in, but I had to spend time tuning my carb to get some of my low end crispness back. I've ridden by rangers and never been stopped with this exhaust, but I have't yet been tested to see if it complies or not. My guess is that it will be close to 96 - 98db and good enoug not to get hassled.

I took another look at Rob Barnums exhaust today and wish it was for sale now as opposed to two months from now. It's a smart design and should be a very good choice for anyone needing / wanting a durable system with excellent performance.

Thanks.....I like a spark arester. I'll try both but, spark arester will be in at the end.

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