Help with Rekluse clutch-please

I am attempting to replace my clutch plates and I am having major difficulty removing the rekluse auto clutch. I am removing those torx bolts, which by the way are too tiny for my tastes. 3 of the bolts wouldn't break loose and I have a twisted useless torx wrench left with some slightly rounded torx bolts left in the clutch. Any idea on how to remove these and is Rekluse the only place I can get replacements? Please tell me I am not the only person to run into this. :thumbsup:

are you aware those torx bolts are supposed to be torqued to 10 INCH pounds? :thumbsup:

We have those screws specailly made for us, I don't think you will find them anywhere. Give us a call on monday (1-866-REKLUSE) and we'll send some more out.

Try one of the Sears brand easy outs (kind of a reversing drill/easyout). If that doesn't work, put a clean rag around your clutch and drill the offending heads off with a 1/8" drill bit, just 'till the heads pop off. Once you get the top plate off, use a pair of pliers to get the rest of the screw out.

another possibility ... (requires a steady hand so you don't ding up the top plate) if you have a dremmel ... you can grind down a grinder bit (on the garage floor or sidewalk or something) until it's small enough to get on the head of the screw ... grind a big enough groove in screw head so you can fit a screwdriver in there .... and then you should be eable to turn it out with a screwdriver.

You have to buy the higher-end ez-out kit from sears that includes the M3 sized remover. It's the smallest one they offer and at the time was only available as part of a 40$ kit.

One end is a reverse drill bit and the other is an extractor. I set my bolts to the spec'd torque but used too much loctite (a common occurance :devil:). One spun out under the drillbit and the other required the full monty with the rev. threader - but it got it out the little bugger :lol:

Those screws are a little hard to find :D. I called the fastener guy we use at work and told him what I had. Sent him a link to the product etc. and described its application and his next question was "..and they don't have any, or you think I have some of these just laying around?" :awww:

Off the top of my head I beleive they are a T10 M3x1.0x15, but not sure about the hardening/tolerance. Good luck finding a Torx head in that size anywhere Rekluse and Pat will take care of you - problem solved :thumbsup:

For future reference - go to Wal-Mart and pick up the 3 piece set they have for like 10$ which includes a t10/15/25 driver (I think) and use that for driving/loosening the screws. The tolerance on those drivers is pretty good and fits the screws included with the rekluse perfect. Just be sure its straight on from the screw and you're golden. "Tight-enough" is somewhere between when the screw sets and maybe 1/8 turn or a little over. Just a dab of threadlocker at the end will do ya.

I went to home depot and got a torx bit that really fit, I think size 10. Then the three I partially rounded came out with some tender care. Called Rekluse and they are taking care of me. When those things started to round I was carefull not to go too far so there was enough left when I got the torx bit from the store. That little allen looking thing they send you with the clutch just doesn't work once the locktight dries, I was carefull not to over tighten when I put them in originally. Thanks for the suggestionsand help.

Guys, my recomendation is to NOT put loctite on the m3's, I have been operating for 15 months without loctite with no problems, AND I can remove those screws without problems.

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