Final product-Street legal WR450(pics)

I think i asked about the ignition. Has your bike been stolen yet? If not, where do you park it?


Is that question directed at me Jag? My bike hasnt been stolen yet and I guess having insurance leads me to not worry about it too much. I don't worry about that stuff but I do what I can to prevent it. I'll get a disc lock or chain and take care of things. The bike is parked in my garage at night and when riding to work it'll be in the motorcycle parking lot in front of my work. It should be safe.

I was wondering if you found a replacement key switch for the on/off button. I asked that question hoping you had done the research for me. I would never have considered doing a dual mod on my 450 until i saw how clean and low profile yours is. Good job.

Think how nice that thing would look with all the Rooster Performance stuff on it :awww:

Dude, your in Beaverton, we are in Beaverton, NO SHIPPING :devil: I'll even install it for you :thumbsup:

Seriously though we do have some nice stuff for your scoot.

Take care.

Nice looking bike man, Ive got a 04 wr450 too and am fitting a Baja designs kit as have it on road in BC. My bike wont run at steady throttle on the road though. It has a splutter and pop around midthrottle when kept at a steady rpm. accelerations great, and off road you would,nt notice it but those little excorsions on the road can be a pain so I will have to get it sorted out. I see there are some arcticles on here with similar symptoms and the Jet kit acv valve and disconnecting the tps work well. Just in case you run into the same trouble and think waaaat to do now. Enjoy her if she's running sweet man, :thumbsup:

very nice job indeed. I'm just setting out to take on the task of getting my YZ400 street legal. I picked up a brand new WR426 stator on ebay for a great price and I'm putting a WR426 flywheel in with that 130watt power plant, I'll be ready to hook some lights and go. Here in Boise, Idaho, it's really easy to get a dirt bike on the road. No turn signals are required, tires don't matter, loud exhaust is fine, etc. So, all I need to pick up now is a headlight, tail/brakelight, brakelight switch, a small quick-lock mirror, and a horn. It'll be nice to ride to my trailhead from my house (10-15 minutes) rather than have to load up, drive, unload, etc.

If you're looking for knobbies you'll use mainly on the street pirelli MT21's are great. I'm still on my first set and they don't seem to be wearing very fast at all. They stick like glue on the pavement, even in the pouring rain. The only draw back is they are a little slippery off road. I'm going to try tires with better off road traction(MT83's) on my new bike just because I ride harder off road. No matter what tire you get, just remember this, get a l.e.d. taillight bulb. The filement bulbs only lasted me about two hours on my baha kit. :thumbsup:

SWEET!!! :thumbsup::devil:

I'm shopping for a new dual sport. Was pretty much sold on the DR-Z 400, but this makes me think otherwise. Great job.

I've heard good things about the Dunlop D606 from some guys just back from a Colorado DS ride.


dunlop D606 is the first fit tyre on the 04 euro models, it's a long laster but very nonperforming in mud, so more suitable for harder grouns

last years first fittment was the michelin enduro comp. III wich is the best performing tyre in wet, muddy, soft conditions

heres a picture of an euro homologated (street legal) 450 04 right from the store, original kit fitted

see the diffrence in the exhaust and the D606's


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