Changing gears without using the clutch?

Any opinions on whether or not this is a bad thing to do? I find myself changing gears quite often and leaving the clutch out of the equation. Don't want any premature damage to my gears :thumbsup:

I always say better safe then sorry. But there is a lot of people that do it all the time and have no problems. You can shift anything without a cluthc as long as the rpm's are right.

I almost never use the clutch when shifting down since you usually have to do it faster than shifting up. I probably should but it's habit not to, and it's usually not at high RPM due to braking so it shifts fine.

I have never used the clutch to shift on any MX bike (during race type riding) and have had and no failures least for the past 27 years! :thumbsup:

As long as you are 'matching' rev' problem whatsoever.

it not really bad for the tranny at all but it is kinda hard on the clutch plates

I'm definately not an expert in this matter...however I usually "feel" the bike's reaction to shifting with/without the use of the clutch. It seems that my '00 426F doesn't mind a little shifing sans-clutch. However if I tried that on my MAGNA... well... a completely different story. Heck... it's hard enough to shift that thing using the clutch... meanwhile back on topic. I think there are definately times when clutch use is prudent... there are also times where a quick click with your foot to change gears is fine. However... if something breaks while doing this... I will deny all knowledge! :thumbsup:

I only ever use my clutch for 1st to 2nd changes. Or if I'm changing down from the higher gears when under very hard braking on bumpy ground, to try and prevent lockup. No damage gets done to the tranny with clutchless shifts IF you engage the gear properly.

how about holding pressure on the shifter and letting the bike shift itself? This does actually work but I usually don't do it on purpose! LOL HOWEVER...if you are hammering down a straight with the bike pinned and have upward pressure on the shifter, the bike will shift itself when it reaches a certain RPM. Funny thing is it shifts at the correct time! Like I said I don't regularly ride this way but on occasion I have done this (mostly by accident!). :thumbsup:

I only use my clutch to start and stop. I did that for 3 years on my WR and had no problems. No I am doing it on my YZ and no problems. I never use the clutch in my truck, except to start and stop. 160,000 miles and no problems.

Thanks for the answers folks (I guess I'll forget about replacing that clutch lever then :thumbsup:). If Satch ain't using no clutch, then it sounds fine by me. I'll have to give the other trick a try - can't say I recall ever doing that.

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