YZ intake cam on the WR450 2004

Has anybody put the 2004 YZ intake on the There WR? :thumbsup: and if so what do you think..

As far as i know they are the same .........

I've always thought that the WR450 and YZ450 have different cams. I'm pretty sure the WR450 cam is the same as the YFZ450 quad' cam. If you are putting a 450 cam in a 400/426, you must use a WR450 cam if you want WR timing, and a YZ450 cam if you want YZ timing. Otherwise, the auto' de-comp' gets thrown put of whack. Then again, maybe the cams themselves are technically the same, it could just be that the de-comp' mech' is set up different for YZ450's and WR450's? Anybody know for certain?

The intake cam is the same for both the WR and the YZ. It's the exhaust cam that is different and yes the decomp mechanism is different although I've heard of people getting away with rotating the YZ cam. The difference is in the length of the decomp pin. I chose to go with the YZ cam and have had no problems with the decomp or estart. As far as performance it really wakes the beast up. Overall it makes a pretty significant increase in the top end as well a big increase in the low end hit. I ride mostly desert and I really like the power band. Having said that if I rode mostly technical trail riding I might stick with WR cam because of it's smoother/tamer power delivery. In fact I'm headed to the forest in a couple of weeks so I'll get a chance to check it out.

Oops, my fault :thumbsup: I didn't read the original post properly. I thought we were discussing exhaust cams. Sorry, but everything I mentioned obviously was related to exhaust cams. My bad.....

do you have to change your jetting at all for the new cam?

Most likely yes. you will need to rejet. :thumbsup:

How much is the YZ cam?

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