Have I assembled my Carb correctly

Could you guys please tell me if I have put this back together correctly as the L shaped metal arm does not seem to move very much: :thumbsup:

I can't see your pic. :thumbsup:

I can see it but don't know anything about the carb

The end of the accel pump on the plastic arm (short end) looks like it is at a funny angle. The long end goes down through the rubber grommet, then the carb body and rests on the accel pump diaphram. If you don't get it all lined up properly it will hang-up and the accell pump will not work.

Since you have the carb off, I suggest that you take the accel pump cover off. Inside is a spring and the diaphram. Make sure you pay attention to how the spring seats and what side of the diaphram it comes from. Putting it back incorrectly will cause a problem.

With the diaphram out you should be able to see the end of the rod coming into the accel pump. Also, make sure the rod is clean and that it move smoothly. Then put it back together.

Also, if you haven't done it, this would be a good time to do the throttle stop mod. I found that it is much easier to remove and replace the stop with the carb removed. And remember, remove a little at a time until you have removed enough. The dealer near me can not find the YZ or WR stop for 1998.

That host is really slow. Are you hosting that from home?

Here's the pic so more people can help. :thumbsup:


Thanks a million for posting my pic ovrrdrive :thumbsup:

Yes I am hosting the pic from my Home PC.

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