CS sprocket free play Q

Hey All,

Is it normal to have some play (in/out) on the front sprocket? My set plate does not line up with the sprocket splines, therefore when I put the bolts in, there is some play. As in the front sprocket can move in and out on the trans shaft. Normal???


There will be a little side to side play, but it should fit well in the spine without much rotational play. Make sure your retainer is made correctly. As I recall from earlier this month, "big t" here on TT got an Ironman 13T front sprocket that had a retainer with the splines aligned with the sprocket teeth so the whole assembly could slide right off. The retainer should be keyed offset once it's bolted to the sprocket to keep it in the shaft.

There's a little on mine,Did'nt measure would have to think it's normal imo..... :thumbsup:

I bought an Ironman 13T and the retainer bolt holes were misdrilled so the retainer was lined up perfectly with the splines. I called Dirt Tricks and the guy told me they had gotten a bad batch. He said they issued a recall and had some new retainers made. The one that was sent with my sprocket was just like the stock retainer. I do remember when I got the sprocket the package said to use only the retainer that came with the sprocket not the stock one. Any way they sent a new retainer and I'm good to go. I rode mine with the wrong retainer for 6 months. I'm surprised I overlooked when I installed it.

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