got my perch adjuster for the z-start...

if any of you recall my recent problems with the z-start, i couldnt hillclimb without a clutch lever. so i ordered the perch adjuster and put it on this morning.

when i rode it, the stall speed was too high. i had to turn the barrel adjuster counter-clockwise all the way to get my stall speed low enough. the stall speed is fine now, my problem is with the cable slack:

i have a ton of play in the cable, thats the only way it would work. if i pull the lever with 2 fingers, i can gain some rpm and eliminate the chatter, but the bike will still take off if i gas it. when i pull the lever to the bar, i can barely find nuetral - it still drags a bit too much.

so it doesnt actually override the auto, it just gives me a little more control over it. this cant be the way its supposed to work, since the intructions say to have a nickels-worth of play at 4500 rpm, and i have much more than that.

anyone know what the problem is? would it help if i reconnected the stock actuator spring down on the engine? :thumbsup:

it sounds like you need to adjust your cable length. you can adjust it by turning out the barrell on the perch itself and where the clutch cable is joined by the factory. if both places are adjusted all the way out i woul dget another cable.

i have the adjuster on a 450 and it works pretty good. i get a little creeping when i rev it up hard with the clutch in, but overall it works pretty well.

just be sure not to get it to tight to where you dont have any slack at around 4000 rpm.

i am able to get some slack out with the adjuster on the stock perch, but that rubber adjuster boot that you have to cut is flexing. i think this may be why i need to pull the lever to the bars before it almost fully disengages, im getting a very spongy feel.

anyone know how i can stiffen the rubber boot so that it does flex? :thumbsup: its the part that the "threaded inner sleeve" fits into.

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