Bill, Since we all got our TTalk stickers, how 'bout some TTalk Ball caps?

open to EVER' BODY'S opinion. No it ain't my idea...I think Bill mentioned it! :)


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC, and I use MOBIL 1 Oil, with ZERO problems.

If they are quality caps (no plastic straps), I'd be interrested.

A cool outback brimmed hat would be really cool.




Bumper stickers? Could be good.

How about a thumpr talk bash club for the greenies. When you bash them on the head, it leaves a "thumper talk" stamp on the fore head.

Do like tha cap Idea.

Is there a pic posted anywhere of the fender stickers?

Embroidered hats will be the ones I look into.


I'll also be looking into shirts.

Hats sound great! I'd say the fender decals were great, but, I moved and haven't been able to find them :). Hope to unclutter the garage this weekend, and hope there are on the work bench under everything else.

In the words of the alien Fred Flintsone and Barney Rubble...

Yes, yes, yes...Hats would be cool.

No, no, no...plastic straps or fronts that stick out like billboards on your forehead.

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Yes Bill T-Shirts would be nice too. How about THUMPERTALK.COM on left front chest and THUMPERTALK.COM on back with (EARTH FIRST WILL RIDE OTHER PLANETS LATER)that was my B-Inlaw MIKES saying :) But if I waited for him to post we could use the shirts for Xmas presents :D

See Bill,

I TOLD YOU the guys would think it was a good idea.

Is anyone else interested in men's ThumperTalk thong, velcro underware....uhhh, for my...uhhh...Brother?

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NH Kevin I can just see it now, over 100 middle aged, overweight, no tans on MTV doing a take off of "THE THONG SONG" in our Blue, Yellow & Orange Velcro Thongs. Maybe we could sell posters to help Brian keep this great site going. Everyone have a safe weekend.


Paying me back for what I said about kicking you in the knee :D

Seriously...... I was trying to think of another TTalk item. Hats sound do-able. This is what I'm thinking:

Good to great quality hat (might not be able to do the, no plastic strap).

Blue w/white lettering for the Yamaha guys, Yellow w/black lettering for the DRZ guys, etc, etc

Charging far more, than the hats will cost and giving a check to Bryan, to help maintain the great site he has provided. Go ahead and flame me for sucking up :D :D

I'll post on the other sides based on the interest here :)

Some one also mentioned tank and shroud graphics since the fender decals have survived his carwash torture test.



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, MX-Tech suspension, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Cycra Pro-Bend hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC, Rausch Creek MXC, Tower City Trail Riders.

sound like a great idea. you can count me in for atleast a couple hats and more stickers if another bath goes in. I just put mine on. I was wating until i put my new front fender on. they look great. Unfortunely i had to give up my spare set cause my riding buddy got a thumper between the time they were ordered and when we receiced them. so now we are both showing our TT pride.

Bill, thanks again for organizing the whole thing.


y2k wr, airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

Hats sound great, but check into diff in cost for Screen Print and Embroidry. The embroidry hats would look much better and last longer. Yes lets get some extra change for Brian to keep this wonderful site going. Ain't found another site better. Bill the Decals were great, even stuck one on the back window of my truck. To all TTALKERS Ride Often & Ride Safe.

Count me in for 2 if they don't have plastic straps. Getting money for Bryan is a great idea as well.

Count me in for several hats!

I really like the "greenie thumper" idea!!!

Are there any stickers still available? I discovered this forum too late for the original order.

The hats sound great. Of course I'll take blue! :D The decals looked real cool, I'm sure glad I ordered two sets. And for everyones information before they ask, I am not selling the spare set I have, no,no,no !

Dennis :)

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