Having spare parts on the trail finally pays off!

NO, it wasn't a woodruff key failure (I'm still waiting to use those parts! :devil::thumbsup:) Ok, so it was just a flat tire but I've never had one go flat like this before! Slit the tire and exploded the tube. Glad I was carrying a spare with me. :awww:



So you changed the tube on the trail?? Man, I have thought about that and I have decided that I will ride home with a flat and destroy my wheel before trying to put a new tube in on the trail. I have a hard enough time in my garage let alone out in the 100 degree heat of the day.

That is a nasty puncture Dave! :awww: What did you hit a metal object or was that from a sharp rock? That is a pain to change on the trails. :lol: Plus you might puncture the new tube trying to get back. How far down the trail were you? :thumbsup: I got a flat recently down at coal creek, TN and managed to ride the rear with the two rim locks back 10 miles or so to the parking lot to repair it there with the help of some Alabama TT members. I hate wrestling with the damn rear tires. :devil: I was amazed at how well dual rim locks worked to get me back on some nasty hilly terrain. :D

It just so happened the section this went flat didn't have any large rocks and I was quite suprised to see if flat. We were riding around some old mines and I probably clipped some old metal or something in the trail. You know how those old places have stuff strewn around. Anyway, it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish to change it on the trail. I was glad to do it since I would have surely trashed the wheel trying to ride it out. Where we were at was really rocky and I easily made up the 30 minutes I would have saved riding it out flat. Plus, we were about 35 miles from the truck so....it was the lesser of two evils. :thumbsup:

Good job! 35 miles on a flat tire would have meant a new back rim.

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