anybody have one? :thumbsup:

NCMoutainman has one. :thumbsup:

Has alot of you guys had problems with titanium headpipes bending? Mine bent last weekend and not sure when or how it happened. I smashed it pretty good, wrapped it around the radiator perfectly. I found a headpipe from a 98WR400 that fit, of course it's not titianium. It seemed like the titianium bent real easy and the only benefits of the titianium is the lighter wieght and heat transfer ability. Is their any other benefits of the titanium that should give me a good reason to spend the $? Factory pipe is $258.


mine is sold ,sorry. :thumbsup:

I posted previously that the Ti header will heat cycle fatigue and buckle or colapse at the slightest ping in 3 to 4 months of hard use or once a year for you part time riders. SS 426 header is the way to go I went thru 4 Ti headers in a little more than a year. $345 each time to replace :thumbsup:

check out the gytr catalog at you yamaha dealer. they have a SS header for the 450. it costs about a third of the TI. the stock heat shield bolt on.

I bought the gytr ss header for $129 from the yam dealer, It was back ordered so it took about 5 weeks to get it.Works great and the high flow bend allows you to remove the oil filter without removing the head pipe to access it!

I have a SS FMF power bomb on mine, seem to be ok

Did the Powerbomb make much difference from the stocker?

Another vote for the SS GYT-R header pipe. The stepped design helps the bottom end without hurting the top end too much. Titanium does have a service life. Take valves for example. Ti don't last for ever, steel valve (generally) just keep wearing out but rarely snap.

I finally broke down and bought a s/s powerbomb sx and it made a considerably difference in low to mid. I'm runnig a stock YZ muffler(long can) and the throttle response is great. Had a slight bog with a twist of the throttle and and only turned out the fuel screw 1/4 - 1/2 and it's doing fine. Waiting for new air jet and leak jet to arrive to see if they'll help even more. Dmta.com (discount motorcycle tire and accesories)is the cheapest place I found for the powerbomb.

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