Any WR400's with FMF Powerbomb header and JD jetting?

Need a little jetting advice for my WR which has an FMF Powerbomb. Blue needle in 3rd position is coughing at about 1/3 throttle. I'm at about 700ft above sea level.


That would be me.

I will look into my carb settings, but basically they are stock all round except the needle and the

main jet which is a 168 I think. Dont look at my signature, its not updated.

I run a powerbomb + CRD (french < 94dB) pipe which is not as free flowing as it could be!

I also ride a little higher than you though 1800 feet to 4000

Ive have the same setup as you.

I rode last weekend at about 2-3000ft and noticed the same coughing as you. I think its a little rich.

My main is a 168 and I'm running the blue needle. I gotta check the clip. 3 or 4 but don't remember. I use a power now so my pilot is a 40.

I'm going to change to the red needle and see what happens.

below are my settings. I am stock other than what is specified below. Seems perfectly dialed for about 1000 feet and 70 degrees. Hope that helps...

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