trail tech computer setup

what are you guys using for wheel size numbers on the trail tech setup? i mounted the magnet and sensor as the instructions suggested and use 2140 as the number but it says i'm going 60 when i'm going like 35 mph! i've switched the numbers a few times but i can't seem to get it accurate.

any help?

I believe you have mounted the magnet too close to the sensor - it's "double" reading - I believe the literature warns you of that. Try moving the magnet further away from the sensor. Also, I used the default wheel size setting for Bike B (can't remember what it is), but after a ~30 mile ride the Trailtech mileage is within about 0.5 miles of my GPS mileage.

I'll verify that. I had the same problem. More the sensor away from the magnet slightly. cant recall what I used for the wheel size, but it was what they recomended at

thanks guys, i'll check that out today

I posted about a year ago that the sensor needs to be located about 3/8" out on a larger radius than the instructions call for. The instructions will lead to a double read. Just remount the sensor 3/8" further away from the axle and it will work perfectly. Also make sure you have the rubber mount for the TrailTech set loose with loctitie on the screws. The unit needs the full cushion of the rubber pad without overtightening. :thumbsup:

What is the readout height on those units. My dad wants to put one in his race car (El Mirage, speed runs). Also, will an extended wire to the extension cause problems?



I just put one on yesterday.

My wheel size was 2205.

Anyway, what do I do about the line that is 1ft too long?

Right now I have it rolled into a loop above the brake line.

Look like crap.

I rolled my excess sensor wiring up in a loop behind the number plate/headlight. Taped it with electrical tape and is hidden fairly well. :thumbsup:

2155 was the number i used and It has been spot on with my buddies older computer that he uses when he runs enduros.

2155 is what I use as well. GPS corresponds quite well with this on pavement. :thumbsup:

2155 is the correct setting for you bike. First off: Make sure you're not set in KM/H mode. Most of these computers that I've installed in KM/H by default and had to switched to MPH. If you are in MPH mode then you'll need to relocate the pickup as mentioned above.

thanks all :thumbsup:

how do you switch the KM/H to MPH? Can't figure it out :thumbsup:

how do you switch the KM/H to MPH? Can't figure it out :thumbsup:

I'm using 2193 for mine and it seems really accurate.


Here's what my manual says for setting KM\v. MP\H

-Hold down all 3 buttons at once for 2 seconds. The, touch

any button and begin.

-Use the left button to select KM/H or M/H

Let me know if you need anymore help. :devil:

thanks buddy for the info, I'll give that a try :thumbsup:

No problem, good luck.

I got my trailtech dialed in yesterday. Used my GPS and rode around and just adjusted numbers to get the correct one. I ended up with 2110. Perfect dead on to my GPS in Speed and Odometer.

How do you move the sensor farther away from the magnet? The magnet is fixed in the brake rotor bolt and the sensor mounts to the caliper in only one possible spot. Do you somehow add spacers and use a longer bolt for the sensor?

Sometimes mine reads the wrong mph. Last long ride the TT indicated quite a large difference in miles (over 20) than the GS--but I attributed this discrepency to tree canopy--I rode in a lot of mature forest that totally blocked out the GPS which assumes you went in a straight line when it picks up the sat sig again.

Oh-I think I have my TT set at about 2150 also.

I mounted my sensor and magnet just as the instructions indicated. Works great. No problems here and is very acurate! :thumbsup:

In my earlier post I was trying to say move the sensor further from the axle by 3/8" from the instructions. This eliminates the double read and speed issues. Thus when the magnet comes rotating past the sensor it is more in the path of the tip of the sensor and not the middle as the instructions show. Experiment with this if you have issues with the factory set up. :thumbsup:

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