HELP!!! Need Fuel tank for 00 426

I've got a 00 YZ426, and in a freak incident yesterday I overjumped a measely tabletop and split my gas tank. I need a new tank but don't want a 3.5 gallon tank and can't afford the $350 right now for a new stock one. Is there an aftermarket alternative? I've checked Ebay and only saw one i'd be interested in but don't wanna wait 5 days for the end of auction. Any suggestions? :thumbsup: thankz for any responses you may have.

E-mail the guy with the tank on ebay.

You must be why I've seen used tanks on ebay go for $200. Clarke makes a stock replacement for $170. See

Get the Clarke. The color is a perfect match and it's much more heavy duty than the stocker.

I got one, will sell, check your PM :thumbsup:

Do you still have that yz426 fuel tank?

If so, how much. Reply ASAP im thinking of bidding one on ebay...

Rick Dougal

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