Thank you Thumper Talk

Thanks to all for the great advice in setting up my new BRP.

Today was my first real ride and the bike performed perfectly. I went to Hungry Valley near Groman Ca. with a experinaced group who knew the trails well. They had the skills to pull away in the tight twistys but on the whoops and straites I could catch up and pass the Husabergs and yzf's in our group with NO problem. And the big hills? Forget about it, Pick a gear, any gear then motor to the top. Has anyone ridden Backbone trail? Wow is that fun.

But sadly todays 100miles is the first i have ridden in 20 years. I am so sore i cant believe it. Guess id better get in the gym.

Thanks again for all your help and advice. :thumbsup:

Definetly need to stay in shape :thumbsup:

I walk atleast 2 miles every morn. along with stretches for my bones,just had my 2nd back surgery 7 wks ago...

Stay in shape,you only have one body and your not getting any younger :lol:

Glad your riding again :devil::awww:

Has anyone ridden Backbone trail?

Backbone is fun :thumbsup:. Badlands, Vics Cat and others are a bit more challenging, but the Tejon trail that stems from Sterling Canyon and other trails like Arasta & Snowey on the XR650R gets me pretty nervous unless I'm on a smaller more nimble bike like my sons XR250R.


Yoga and some cardio will help out ALOT! Some electrolyte additives in the ol Camelback--like Ultrareplenish, Pedialyte, etc. and you will be doing 500 mile days in no time... :thumbsup:

just had my 2nd back surgery 7 wks ago...

I've had quite a few myself (more than a half dozen), but I can't walk too much as my legs don't work right anymore and I have to wear braces pretty much full time, but I still enjoy riding when possible :thumbsup: I hope things work out well for you with this last surgery :devil:

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