Kennedy Meadows last weekend...

We finally did K/M last Saturday, learned few things:

1. The trails aren't in K/M, rather the Cannell Meadows area.

2. As everone warned us, quad riding is restricted to just a few trails, but we now have a map, so at least we know which ones. Does anyone know what the fine is for quad riding on a motorcycle trail?

3. Loud bikes are LOUDER in the woods...Duh on me. Since all of my group ride desert, we were really caught off guard by how loud a "pack" of big-bore 4 strokes can be.

4. Navigation. I saved this one for last, I am humbly asking for any tips on navigating in the forest. I'm used to the dez, where I find a few visual landmarks, remember where they are relitive to camp, and I've always been able to get back home...but man, there were way too many trees & rocks to remember! We were on trails marked on the OHV map, but the only signs we saw were at the start of the trail. After about 8-9 miles into a trail, we really had no idea where we were, so we decided to turn back. As we were backtracking, we realized that we had made some sort of 1 mile loop right back where we decided to turn back, and none of us remember seeing the trail split anywhere. We started again, this time no loop, but lost the trail again when we started to see terrain that we new to us. At this point I took out my GPS(which all my friends made fun of me all the other times it had gone with us...) and I started to laugh. According to my "buddy" Mr. Garmin, we were only 800 ft from camp! We followed the wrong trail we were already on, and sure enough, 1 minute later, we popped into the camp area from the opposite side we started from...

We had a good time, it was a long day though, we got stuck in Santa Clarita due to a fire at the 14, and 5 freeways.

How was the 650 on that type of terrain?

I've run some pretty tight single track up at Gorman before, so this was no more of a problem...except, due to altitude, the bike lost a lot of "snap", felt like the ign timing was retarded. Next time I go up, I'll switch the C/S to 13 teeth, never got into 5th gear anyway.

The bike feels heavier when you lose some of it's great low end power...

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