Will this work on my 04 WR450F?

Really like this LCD computer. Just want to make sure it would work on my 04 WR before I buy it. Any one know Dirtbike Odometer

I have two of them - one on my 426 Dual Sport and one on my 450. Both work well and are much easier to reset than the stock mechanical odo. I had one failure early on but they replaced it no question. The key to making them last seems to be a good solid mount. Do yourself a favor and toss the cheesy plastic bracket that comes with it. I fab'd mounts out of aluminum that mount to the triple clamp pinch bolts. Trailtech makes a nice billet aluminum mount as well. BTW -Trailtech sells these for $79.95 on their website so don't bid too high.


rockymountainmc.com has 'em for $74.99. watch that bid! better check on the shipping cost also.

thanks guys for the info

I agree with the other guys, I ordered one of these for my WR450 last week from local bike shop. Paid $64.99 + tax, no shipping.


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