thinking about getting a WR 450...

can a WR's stock suspension do any moto, or is it a giant marshmellow?

My 03 works pretty good on the track, jumps well and even takes the whoops pretty good...

so, you would say a WR is pretty usable on the track? im just wondering if i can get away with having ONLY a WR, seeing as though i ride about 40/60 track/trails. i bottom my YZ at the track, but i rarely use full travel on the trails. i can ride the track all day, but the trails beat me up quickly... anyone in my same situation?

Yamaha sets the suspension for a guy around 170 pounds I think. I haven't been near that weight since I was 14. I have to respring and sometimes revalve every dirt bike I buy. I used to bottom my YZ450 big time until I had the suspension done.

MX Action did a WR for the track and liked it.

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