Rear caliper

Can anyone help me out with a problem. I needed to change my rear pads. When I was about to install the pads, I had to compress the piston into the caliper. Right after, I had to replace the clutch cover. In order to access on the the bolts on the clutch cover, I had to push down on the rear brake pedal. When I did this the piston in the caliper started to come out since there was no resistance due to the rotor no being there. After I pushed the piston back in, I reassembled the bike and tried to use the braked. When I push down on the pedal, it had no effect on the piston, it does not move out at all. I added enough fluid and tried to bleed the brakes. Still no movement out with the piston. So I took the wheel off again and pulled out the piston to see if I could see a blockage in the fluid outlets in the caliper. When I pushed on the brake pedal, it pushed fluid through the outlets that should push the piston out. I can seem to figure out why the piston wont move out though. Im starting to get annoyed and rode all day today with no rear brakes. It sucked! Does anyone have any advice. Sorry for making this so long. I am just real frustrated. THanks in advance! :thumbsup::devil::awww:

Most likely the rear master cylinder seal is shot and you are getting blow back when engaging the pedal. Rebuild or new master should solve the problems if bleeding the system did not fix the issue. :thumbsup:

I would check and see if you ripped the inner seal for the piston, or if you gouged the wall of the caliper. There are very close tolerances in brake parts and any excessive gap will cause fluid escape. Did you check and see if dust cover is filling up with fluid?, if so then the seal is probably bad, if not the piston is wedged in caliper bore.I would pull the piston out check for nicks and burs on it and the bore of the caliper then check to see if either the seal rolled over or has a tear in it. You also may want to rebleed your rear brake. A vaccum pump makes it alot easier. I wouldn't think your master cylinder is bad.

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