Oil pumping back to the top

What’s the best/easiest way to make sure oil is pumping back to the top on a 650L? :thumbsup:

If you pull the dipstick you should be able to see it. A flashlight/penlight will help.

When you change the filter are there any priming steps that need to be taken? Thanks for your help!!!

One more thing if it's pumping back into the frame that means the top end is getting oil correct?

Do you mean top-end of the engine, or the oil tank?

if oil is pumping back into the top of the frame that would mean that the top end of the engine is getting oil?

Dont make that assumption :devil: , probably true but its possible something could block the oil line going to the head and oil would still be pumping to the frame, remote but possible !!! Good news is its easy to check :thumbsup: There is a banjo fitting on the top right back of the cylender head, that is the stainless steel oil line that supplies oil to the head. With the motor running, loosen that fitting (12 MM open end wrengh) and oil should start pouring out, dont take it off, just loosen enough to see that fresh oil starts to pour out, not just drops but make sure the oil starts to run, that tells you without a doubt that oil is being supplied to the head. :awww:

Thanks!!! :thumbsup:

There's no priming needed on a filter change, just if you drain the pump.

I worry about the pump losing prime, so I get the oil back in it and fire it up pretty quick during an oil change.


Thanks for the info. That's what i was worried about. it's flowing. :thumbsup:

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