Dual Sport Gearing

I am dual sporting my xr 600 and i would like to know what a good gear ratio is for DS bikes.

A lot of it will depend on how much street riding you plan on doing. For starters try going up 1 tooth on the stock 14-tooth countershaft sprocket to a 15. This is equal to about dropping 3 teeth on the drive sprocket and your chain should work fine. If taller gearing is what you're after, this will do it.

I use different c/s sprockets and swap them out regularly depending on the terrain and time spent riding on each. Trail side swaps are relatively quick and the c/s sprockets are small and easy to pack in your gear.

I run 15 front and 48 rear on my XR600R and its perfect !!! Bike is fast on the street and revs are kept at a reasonable level on the highway... Still no problems in the hills etc. Bike has so much low end torque I still almost never find myself using first gear :thumbsup:

"A lot of it will depend on how much street riding you plan on doing."

I use my bike to go everywhere i go since i cant drive yet. i will usualy be riding on the street but ride on fire rodes and a few rough trails about once a week.

i will usualy be riding on the street...

15-47 or 15-45 should work for that.

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