What handle bars do you suggest?

I had a pretty hard get off this past weekend that bent the crap out of my stock handlebars. I am 6'2" tall and I don't know which bend or brand would be good for me without trying them all. I ride mostly tight single track and fire roads. So what would your suggestions be? Thanks in advance.


I'm 6'3" and run a ProTaper CR HI bend. Stronger than stock and less vibration than stock. The down side to these great bars is the need for a new triple clamp or bar adapters.

In which case I would snag the new ProTaper SE 7/8" bars (in CR HI) so you can use your existing bark busters & triple clamp.

Hey there, I'm in the same boat as I wiped out my stocker handlebars this weekend.

Do you know a good site to buy these ProTaper SE 7/8" bars (in CR HI)?? I'm heard a lot about these, it's probably what I'll go with.



I am going to get the Pro taper SE series in the CR hi bend. I just road a friends CR450f with the CR Hi Bend and I liked them a lot, gave me that warm fuzzy feeling....I liked the bike too just not as much as my BLUE BEAST! I am going to get them from RockyMountainmc.com for something around $60.00 I thought that was a fair deal considering the local dealer wants $99 for them.

Pro Tapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick your bend and be happy! :thumbsup:

Renthal Jimmy Button Highs, if you don't feel like spending money on new clamps :thumbsup:

I have hammered my 7/8 renthals with no problem. THe big bars are over kill IMO, supposedly just makes you look cool and we all know that looks make the rider. :devil::thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I went with the Pro Taper SE CR high bend. I will let you all know how they work out. thanks again. :thumbsup::devil:

I went for Renthal Enduro High (exactly the same bend as Jimmy Button High I think) and also did the trick of getting and extra set of stock bar top clamps and placed them upside down under the bars, on top of the top triple clamp. I had to buy longer bar clamp bolts, made sure they were high-tensile steel, and played around with the cable routing to get it all to work, but in the end I have about an extra 3 1/2" height on the bar tips... which really helps, given that I am 6' 6". It made the bike much easier to ride for me.

MAGHURA!!! :thumbsup::devil:

I dont want to mention a specific brand, but I love the oversize bars. The pro Taper "henry" bend is perfect for the YZ's.

They cost a few dollars more with having to deal with an oversize clamp, but they will probably be the last set of bars you have to deal with.

I have seen Pro Tapers and Renthal fat bars survive crashes that a handlebar should not have to deal with.

Maybe I'm up in the night, but I think the fat bars are a money grabbing gimmick. They are all 7/8ths anyhow where most bars bend (about 1/2 way down), plus they don't have a crossbar for added strength. For this reason I got the Pro Taper SE (7/8th) which do not require a special clamp. They ran me about $70, and I would have been at about $170 to get a fat Pro Taper set in the same bend with the clamp. The crossbar on the SE models probably adds as much strength as any added thickness down low on the bar, where bars don't normally bend anyhow.

I put some Tusk T7s on my 04 450 and I am very impressed. I got the low risers as I'm only 5"6'. I have to climb up on it with the kickstand down to crankit via Kick. I do this to make my self apreciate the electric start, it also looks cooler to kick it, and I also enjoy ticking my buddies off who knocked me for having e-start on other bikes. Now, when beat down under the heat, trying to start on a difficult hill, I'll usually look at my buddies kicking theirs, give a sigh of annoyance like it is so hard to hit my little buttton and then go. Anyway, I have to climb up on the bike to kick it. Today the bike fell over flat and hit the ground solid while I was attempting to start it. I was sure the bars were bent. Nope, good to go. Tusk: Their cheap and good quality stuff for the money. Plus they fit my Dflex handguards well too. They cost me about 25 dollars for the bars and I got them off of RockyMountainatv. I've used the D-flex handguards a good bit on other bikes and for the money they seem to be really good. I've also used Azonic bars. They seem to be unbendable but way expensive. Anyway, that's my two cents.

The Pro-Taper CR Mid-Bend are great! :thumbsup:

I have bent 4 sets of Renthals in 15 years. I even got cheap twice and bought some Answer aluminums. Bent them in months from small get offs.

Have owned 4 sets of Protapers from 1994 to 2004 and have never bent one. Even crashed once in 1995 at 65mph on a paved road and watched the bike do cartwheels but never bent the bars. :thumbsup:

Theres my testimonial..and yes I crash...more than I like to :devil:

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