Fast Eddy @ Trentham Gardens UK


Anybody doing the Fast Eddy on the 24th of this month?

Yep, I'll be there assuming there are any places left. First time out this year but at that price I'll have to do the expert class to get my moneys worth!!


I know exactly what you mean, I'm riding the Expert class, even though I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any means. I did Matchams park last month, and was gutted when I saw the chequered flag. I came in way down the field, in the clubman class, but had a great time.

if you get an entry, let me know.

I'm No. 129.



Have you ever ridden at Trentham before? I did years ago with TBEC, but can't recall what it was like. I want to make things as easy as possible by using roughly the right tyres!!

I have never been to Trentham before, this will be a first time for me. The course will be approximately 4 miles long, so I imagine that the terrain will be much varied.

do you think tyre choice will make much difference? I would imagine that any motocross style tyre will fit the bill for most.

let me know your number and I'll say hello :)


Why is the event called 'Fast Eddy'? The only Fast Eddy I've heard was a legend at billards and eight-ball, but I can't imagine a bike race being names after him, it couldn't be Eddy Kid could it? Just curious thats all.

'Fast Eddy' is Paul Edmondson's nick name over here in blighty.

He's trying to bring GNCC to us.

We have a few smaller meets, but Eddy is t

The bike is all ready and so am I....

has anybodt here had any experience riding at trentham?

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