Tire Change-Can I do it?

here's another little trick. when removing the old tire, spoon the tire off on both side of the rim. the wheel will drop down inside the tire and can be pulled out of the center with little or no effort.

also, get a rat tail file and open up the hole in the rim that the tube stem comes through. this will give the stem some room if tire or tube should move on the rim any.

this may start some debate but, you only need one rim lock. put the other on the shelf.

If I only need one rim lock why do they put two on my bike?? I would like to only have one just to make tire changing easier since that second one is always the pain. I just worry that I might rip the stem off with one lock.

Just try it out. At worst you will bloddy some knuckles and pinch a tube or two, but good practice for trailside repairs. The very last pry putting the tire back on is where you pinch it. Be super careful there and make sure the tube is tucked well inside.

What also helps to avoid pinching is to very slightly inflate the tube when you are manouevring the last part of the bead on, or even slightly before this. There should be no real pressure, just enough to open out the tube and push it slightly against the inside. I have only ever pinched a tube that was not inflated. Obviously you need to check if the spoons/levers are not pinching when you exert pressure.

Lots of baby powder also helps the innertube to slip about inside and not hook up/stick to the rim or tyre surface as you angage the bead. I usually put a bunch of baby powder in a BIG plastic bag, throw my inner tube in there and shake (not stir). Puts a nice even layer of powder all over the tube.

Above process works awesome for mountain bike tyres too.

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm gonna price out the tools and then go from there. It should be interesting from what it sounds like. The thing is I don't plan on swapping tires on and off all the time so I don't think I'll ever get 'good' at it.

i wish i had an answer. iv'e been riding and racing dirt bikes for thirty years and this is the first bike iv'e had with two rim locks. i can remember changing a tire on a yz80 with two rim locks and there sat my 490 maico with only one. go figure. if you pitch one, leave the one closest to the stem. it'll make tire changing easier. start the tire removal at the rim lock/stem area and finish there when you install. and yes, i did pinch the tube on the 80, twice!

Yeah, two rim locks are a pain. :devil::thumbsup: I take one off first and then I seat one side of the tire. I then insert the second rim lock. It can be done. :awww: I have done it several times. Good luck! :lol:

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