I'm looking for stock gas tank,.49 front springs,rear spring 10.5 and front master cylinder.Im Located in Tempe Az


I have the springs that I removed from my 1996 XR600R when I sold it. They are in thier original boxes and the rear is an Eibach 11.6 and the front is a kit that can be as little as 21lb and as high as 26lb. Stock front rate is 23 lb or 41KG. 26lb equates to 46 kg. I weigh in at 215 and these springs were perfect for me in the 24 lb setup for the front with the 11.6 in the rear. I sit down a lot but I have been riding for 30 years and I am a B enduro rider. It seems like what you are looking for would be too stiff in the front to go with what you are looking for in the back. I was going to put this set on Evil bay but would like to see a fellow TT rider get them. I would let them go for 125.00 shipped to you in AZ. PM me if interested. :thumbsup:

Check your PMs

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