i dented my headpipe over the weekend, can i expect any ill effects? its dented at the bend about 1/2 the pipe or less? :thumbsup:

Repair it and it will collapse again real soon. Replace it with any SS aftermarket header and avoid the Ti stuff that does not hold up! :thumbsup:

my real question is can i rid eit like this until get a new one? :thumbsup:

Yes you can ride it for now without to much issues.

I just repaired a crinked 450 pipe recently. It was mashed up pretty bad and I was able to "re-expand" it by capping the ends and applying compressed air inside (it only needed about 5 - 10 psi) while heating it slowly with an acetylene torch. It didn't come out perfect but certainly very servicable. Yours doesn't sound half as bad. If you have access to a gas welder you might give it a try.

i dont have access to any flames or explosives, that would be scary, ahh.. what i could do with a torch! i might give the old water in the pipe and freeze it trick a try?

thanks guys! :thumbsup:

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