extra maintenence?

So you WR450 owners claim extra maintenence on your Wrs over say an XR...is this just with things like oil changes and valve adjustments? How hard is it to adjust the valves on a WR? Like an hour hard..or like yank the engine type difficulty.

It's not that the maint is hard it's just that the wr's are a little more like a motorcross bike as far as, changing the air filter(no K&N here), the oil capacity is lower than an XR so your better off changing it sooner, wr do not have snail adjusters on the rear wheel, keep an eye on the coolant overflow bottle. To me, the WR is a lot better performer than the XR so I think it's no trouble at all.

Oil/oil filter every other ride (easy). Clean air filter after every ride (easy). Check tires, rim, spokes, chain, etc. to make sure in spec. (easy), check valve clearances to make sure in spec. (I've only done this once after 500 miles...not too difficult)......that's about it. Maintenance on these, even for a somewhat technically-challenged person, is not hard.

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