'86 XL600R

I just picked up an older Honda and want to motard it. I've found a source for rims, pipe and new fork springs. It's only got 3500 miles on it but hasn't been srarted for over a year. Any restoration experts out there that can offer any advice and/or motard builders that know what's to do for best results.

Yo Goosedog,I have a 18' heavy duty rim/spokes wheel assy.off a XL600 that you can have cheap! (front rim)I also have stock forks/triple clamps with new seals.Send me a pm if your interested .I can email you a picture. :thumbsup:

Thanks Chris, I'm good on rims and triple clamps. Do you know if anyone makes frame guards for an '86? Would like aluminum, but will settle for plastic.

I 've never seen any for a XL600 ,but you could probalby modify XR600 guards to fit. :thumbsup:

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