Removing minor dents in rims.

I pulled off my rear wheel on my WR400 and noticed a small dent in the edge of it. Is there a way to "tap" it back in or something? It is only pushed out about 1/8" so it is not major. I would like your guys' input before I get the hamer out :thumbsup:

Crescent wrench works. Tighten it down on the dent and tweek back.


Be careful not to try and get it back all at once, I tried that a few years back and then heard a "snap" and the bead wall of the rim now had a crack right down to the spoke ridge. I was to scared to ride with a broken front rim so a new EXCEL went on instead. Good Luck --WR Dave. :thumbsup:

All good points. Thanks :thumbsup:

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