TNT proof handlebars???

Well for the first time since 1996 I bent a set of Renthal bars! About a 4th gear wipe out on slippery wet clay and an approx. slide of 50-60ft. I didn't even have a chance to put my foot down, it was that quick.


My question is what type of high bend bar should i go with that is absolutely accident proof? or should i stick with the renthals?

Pro Tapers :thumbsup:

Pro Tapers :thumbsup:

enough said 65 mph crash/roll and still straight as an arrow

Are talking about you bent a standard 7/8" bar or a oversized bar. I bent a set of 7/8 Renthals on my XR. After that I put on a set of oversized (BFB) and they are a tough as nails.

I remember once loosing my XR to a slick root at the top of a steep hill. I bailed and stayed pretty much at the top. I watched the XR do a few endos down the hill.

I picked the bike up and besides a broken tail light and having to realign the wheel to the forks it was fine. I watched it slam the bars into the ground and thought surely the bars are going to be bent like a pretzle and I am going to have a real interesting ride back to camp. Nope they were fine.

On My KTM I run a set of TAG T2s. Still straight after a few crashes in the rocks.

Standard 7/8inch bars is what i cranked!

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