99 yzf motor

I have an extra motor I got when I purchased my 400 (previous owner said he thinks he seized it) I have yet to dive into it. My question is can I get any money for a seized motor or should I dive into fix it then sell it. A key factor is I am a full time college student with a part time job and full time bills. Any advice would be appreciative. thanx :thumbsup:

If its not seized to bad and you dont feel bad about screwing people over. Then hone it throw new ring's in and get rid of it. It will run for about 50 hours. If you wana do it right it will be a coupple hundred.

Honestly I really dont have the cash. what should I ask for if i sell as is (if anyone will take a seized motr


I may be interested in it for spare parts. How much do you want for it? Where would you be shipping it from?

Not sure, I am really hurting for cash right know. So I would like to get the most without ripping someone off. Dallas Texas

ok. well, once you figure out what you'd need for the motor, shoot me an email at khemly@yahoo.com and we can go from there. I'll cover the shipping costs if we can negotiate a price.


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