switch from 450 to 250?

I currently ride a crf450 for trailriding only and am starting to wonder if I should be on a 250f instead.

I am about 185# w/o gear, not very fast, 31 yrs old, been on bikes for about 5 years (93 CR125 (1 year), 96 CR250 (2 years), 03 crf450 (2 years).

What are you guys that downsized experiencing? Are you happy or do you miss the power of a 450? I have rode my friends wr250f a couple times. It was hard to tell if I liked it because the ergos are so much different than the honda.

How does the WR compare to the honda's and kawasakis?

i am 36, 175lbs. and a good c class rider, i only ride mx though, i went from a yz250f to a yz450f, then back to a yz250f & crf250, and now i am back on a 04 yz450f. i race vet and 250c mx, and prefer the 450, the power spoiled me, and i am one of those who love the 4 speed, it is almost like an automatic, anyway, with the 450 i can go faster for longer, i do not tire as quick, i dont have to work the bike hard to make faster lap times. the power is addicting and once i got used to it, it was hard to go back to a 250f. but, the 250f's are wonderful bikes too. and i have no real trail experience, so the 250's might be better their, but in vet mx, i love my yz450f, i guess i am getting a little lazy, i like to sit back and twist the throttle, and let the blue beast do the work. also the factory set suspension is better for my weight on the 450. everyone is different, if you can, ride all the different bikes you think you might want and that might help you out.

Hard to recommend anyone that rides to role back to a 250... You will always find an occasion to wish you had a little more... You might try to think of what you can do to your 450 that will make it more friendly.. a pipe to smooth out the power, triple clamp and bars to get your controls where they feel good for ya.... The only recomendation might be to ride blue not red... But what the hell do I know... :thumbsup:

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