Anyone ever send their sprockets out and recieve their $50???

I seen this ad in the back of MX action and wonder what its about? I have a couple of old ones and I think I wil send it out and see what happens? Just wondering if anyone else did this?

What ad? I wouldn't mind 50 smackers...

I've seen that add. I'll bet you end up with a "$50 off" their cool sprokets type of deal...

I have been wondering about that.........Try it out Pavel and get back to us :thumbsup:

What exactly does the add say?

If it states you get $50 bucks back in cash or cash for your sprokets, they can not do that. Its a classic bait and switch.

If it is simply saying your sproket is worth $50 bucks then most likly it is a $50 off thing...

Still $50 off their sprockets aint bad but I bet it only is for a kit combo or something. They do have some nice sprockets. Check them out at

They have a cool tri-moly sprocket for thumpers.

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