Zip-Ty hardware question: O-ring?

I ordered the Zip-Ty because my pilot screw fell out while riding(Don't ask). Obviously that o-ring and other stuff went with it. My question is, do you need the o-ring and stuff to put the Zip-Ty in or is it simply as easy as screwing it in by itself? I already ordered another pilot screw from Yamaha cause that was the only way to get the o-rings.

I'm hoping I can throw the Zip-Ty in without the o-ring cause I'll have the Zip-Ty tomorrow but no o-ring until next Tuesday or so. As usual, thanks for any info :thumbsup:

NO! You need the O-ring and the spring. Might be a trip to the Yamaha dealer. These screws seem to back out on their own. You need something on the threads to stop that. Not Loctite!

Good to know. I guess I'll wait for everything to come in, someone would actually put locite on their fuel screw? Now that's funny :thumbsup:

Thanks for the quick response. Guess I'll be outta commission for another week or so. :devil:

My zip-ty screw never vibrates loose or tight! :thumbsup:

Do you have the o-ring and spring Indy?

Yes I have the O-ring, spring and dont forget the washer. :thumbsup: My Zip - Ty is also difficult to turn by hand you really have to squeeze it tight and twist it. :devil:

That sucks, I wonder if maybe your o-ring is bad or something? Once I get mine in I'll let you know if it's tough. From what I've read it sounds like it should be a simple twist. Apparently in practice that's not true for some...I guess either way it's way easier than the alternative way of adjusting it.

I know that Zip-TY had a bad batch of screws out there where the theads were cut to deep and they were easy to turn and thus they did not hold their position. This was over a year ago and If you call them up you may be able to get a new one in exchange. :thumbsup:

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